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Project on-going: Super-elevators


Elephant paths are an old school habit of public behavior, because "Who still walks on streets?".
Elevators have become important shortcuts in our workspaces, and recently moved to our homespaces where more work is to be done.

Project on-going:Super-elevators is a story about a collaboration between the architects and the great thinkers, who fight to build higher buildings with a longer elevator-experience, so that one can have more time to think about life.

Publication expected in July.

Guided + edited by Vibeke Gieskes.
(soon) in Forum

New Bodies


How do future lifestyles look like, were we to imagine that the boredom of modern lifestyles becomes their greatest influencer?

New Bodies is the last chapter of "How to Nothing".

Publication expected in May.

in Simulacrum.

How To Nothing


What is the difference between the current bodies' management of the void, and that of future bodies'?

Find out here.

Edited by Geert Lovink & Sepp Eckenhaussen.
Published by INC(Institute of Network Cultures).

Past Utopia in a loop


One of the reasons to move to Europe is to not chill. Unlearning the habits of not-doing, and enjoying one's slow life is the goal, once European life begins. Fortunately for Easterners, it’s impossible to not not chill.

“Past Utopia in a loop” derives from this duality of being, of having-to vs. do-I-really-wanting-to. It is experienced/told by the local observer who finds great inspiration in the lives of her aunts. Lives in which living is a loop, time has stopped, all other imaginations have been canceled, and in which Europe is still the most important Utopia in the city of Zenica (BiH), where the observer comes from.

In Kajet magazine issue #2.

The Blunt Story


An industry breathing heavily in the valley of mountains is the view of one of the nicest apartments in this town. In the neighboring city, however, a view consists of not only a heavily-breathing industry breathing, but a mosque, the physical presence of private investors and two cranes. Still, a valley. When the moving stairs transport your body down to catch any metro, a big wooden plate full of Snickers awaits, to remind you that you are hungry (or intolerant, or confused, or stressed, or...). When you go for a swim in an artificial lake: a floating supermarket in the middle, and it does sell beers. Advertisement poster of Carlos V with a disturbingly smiley-smile face, never fails to uncover the childhood memories. If you look closer, it's just the make-up. Already on Thursday, you cheer to your copy of Jesus (printed on a candle), with a big can of beer. Golden packages of those really nice pills, full of codeine, shine bright like diamonds in your hand-baggage, before departing to a party island. Fully equipped and ready for hangovers, they will never-ever slow down the high performance. Sometimes, a feeling of home is caused by being able to afford a very cheap usage of internet, for 15 minutes at the central station, before you bounce off to see some nature over the weekend. A sponge rests unpicked (by anyone), on the same spot for three weeks now, and all you think about is the fact that you want to be that sponge. That's why you miss it, when it's removed from the spot. A playground full of toys and little cars triggers the investigative wondering. However, it's nice to look at it so empty like that, while spinning your spinner, which is white; and white is definitely not your favorite color. When you go to a supermarket, to shop for something super-fast, blue wig is your favorite accessory to wear. Printing a portrait of your tired-faced friend on a textile is your new hobby. She looked so beautiful that one time she was tired. Definitely more beautiful than the outfit you once saw laying widespread on a hammock, in a park. There are times in your life when you think like Tomislav Gotovac, who had a dick-full (of everything) back in 1978. Friends with puzzled faces is the most hilarious thing you've truly laughed at recently; a sleeping, old woman in the same metro is inspiring for new death wishes. The tinier the closet, the safer it feels (to fit your body). Speaking of which, fitting your body everywhere is a skill worth being paid for, don't you think? When you receive a free notebook from your bank, you put a tear on their logo, because you know it's not a place where it's right to feel treated so well. When you watch the CNC machine cut through the wood all by itself, you ask yourself: „Why not do the same?“ Cut and discard, cut and discard. Luxury vibes on Instagram is what fades the magic. Suddenly, you meet two chairs from far away, standing close to each other and touching two of their legs, and you think of them as the cutest thing you've seen in a long, long time. The melting feeling is more real than touching your friend's face through the screen, and recording a video of it, for them to see. Your biggest source of inspiration to make a new chair out of two different ones, is the ceiling in the hospital nearby, of a digitally projected image of a seagull flying high over the clouds of blue skies. Everything is fine, we are all good, thank you.