Hi. It's the 2nd of September. By now, I've grown comfortable with the fact that this website will forever remain in the state of continuous + intuitive development, slash deployment. It looks like I am still not ready to define its standard of representation, nor commit to a definite stricture. Because I don't want to shy away from my works any longer, I am filling up the windows of worlds in which I comfortably operate. At the moment, a selection of texts can be accessed. Websites will follow, drawings will follow, videos will follow.
Currently busy with:
  • ♥ website for Marlies Van Hak,
  • ♥ !my first book!
    (publication date: dec 15th),
  • ♥ interview with Zulfikar for Living Industry
  • ♥ talking to Aurélien,
  • ♥ this website,

Was busy with:

Walky-Worky coming soon