Whose History is this?

Maisa Imamović is an Amsterdam-based writer, web-developer, designer, and artist. She likes to draw. After graduating from Gerrit Rietveld’s Architectural Design department in 2018, she pursued the Full-Stack Web Development certificate at BSSA. She prefers front-end web-development but enjoys playing in the back-end. Web-development is her entry point to study the ways in which traditional (read dominant) codes + user experience program lifestyles and modes of being - as part of her main research interest: the island of boredom (impossibility to be bored + consequences of boredom). Since 2019 she is a senior researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) where she develops her research interests. In a world where the virtual seems real and vice-versa (ref to digital dualism; AFK instead of IRL), Maisa observes trends, cliches, concepts of time, and writes about them. Maisa was published in Kajet, Simulacrum, Forum, TAAK, Real Review, NXS World, and runs her own blog at Living Industry. At the moment, she is studying MA Aesthetics & Politics at the California Institute of the Arts and is kindly supported by Prins Bernhard CultuurFonds.

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This website is not a CV per se, but absolutely inspired by the template of one. The list below is a collection of facts related to my practice. Some of these facts represent commissioned projects, proof of work, labour of love - they all track moments in my life + career that I humbly consider as personal traces of success. All buttons on this website are designed for users to erase/revive some facts from my history. The user is welcome to customize the list of my history according to the facts they wish to see from my work. The user is welcome to delete all facts from my history.