Hello user. This website is under chronic construction slash deployment. Please note that not all windows of the worlds in which I comfortably operate are open. Atm, all my texts, activities, and selected screenshots are present. For my next update, I intend to make web-related work accessible (for now, websites can be found listed in the activities I was busy with → ).
Currently busy with:
  • ♥ website for Marlies Van Hak,
  • ♥ interview with Zulfikar Filandra for Living Industry
  • ♥ essay about boredom in European Parliament, Brussels Living Industry
  • ♥ preparing a creative coding workshop for myself, 20-24 Dec
  • Time is an unrenewable resource — and you know how we are with those. exhibition, Donauweg 8, 21-23 Jan
  • ♥ !my first book!
    (publication date: dec 15th),
  • ♥ this website,

Was busy with:

Walky-Worky coming soon